Cupagahwa- DIFC Dubai- UAE


Cupagawha is an international class cafe chain with a local Arabian flavor.

This unique identity and concept of Cupagahwa is reflected throughout the products, hospitality, image and environment.

The general design mood of the venue is a “celebration of space”, expressed through the usage of cozy, natural materials like wood, with plenty of natural
light allowing customers to feel the lively vibrant atmosphere, where they are free to be loud, comfortable and spontaneous, with a lot of chatter, noise, and
laughter surrounding everyone and everything!

The entire experience is tailored to ensure customers are comfortable being themselves in the scene. Therefore every element of the interior design promotes
socialization, encouraging people to interact, adjust and enjoy the place.

In addition to the choice of user friendly furniture, lighting in the scene plays a major role responding to various customers’ needs. During daytime, an ample of cheerful natural light prevails the interior, while a warm dim yellow light with focused bright spotlights creates an appropriate reading and working atmosphere.

The choice of modern modular furniture allows for ease of adaptation catering to different customers’ requirements. Flexible, loose seating and tables that are easily moved invite guests to rearrange the full scene, shuffling furniture around at their convenience.

The interior design approach not only respects the brand values, theme and consistency, but also acknowledges the uniqueness of each location, borrowing visual references and clues from each locality. The scalable and modular elements allow for easy replication in different locations while preserving the overall design theme, character and integrity.