Les Florailes; Flower Shop & Restaurant, Jumeirah, Dubai

How do you blur the line between interiors and exteriors? To address this aim, we created psychological effects that fuse the concept of the interior and exterior, the common and the private.

The concept was creation of a nostalgic exterior feel within the interior. Exhibiting beautiful colorful flowers, the interior acts as canvas. The neutral,
earthy tones of the interiors bring the vibrant colors of fresh flowers into the spotlight. This interior celebrates the displayed plants and promotes the brand identity in a surrealistic style. Amidst the neutral interior, an unpredictable Tiffany color bleeds all over the feature staircase area, walls, flooring, ceiling and furniture, thus creating a strong visual brand statement.

The design intent aims at crafting a diverse and erratic interior experience. An unpredictable journey bridging the interior and exterior is achieved through experimenting with massing and zoning, adding a sense of spatial definition into an open interior space.

The introduction of outdoorsy features into the interior is prevalent in various
design decisions, from crazy cut stone flooring, outdoor furniture selection, to the striped wallpaper cladding mimicking a play of light and shade of pergolas in sunny outdoors.