M- Villa


Designing a living space for a bona-fide globetrotter who had been to the world’s best hotels, we aimed for a five star experience blended with the coziness of a spontaneous and warm home.

Keeping our client’s well being and comfort in mind, our approach was focused on both functional and emotional aspect of the interior.

Creating a pleasurable experience with optimum living standards was the ultimate goal. Texture, temperature, color and style articulate the owner’ personality.

Rare premium finishes, sophisticated details, fine furniture and high-tech automated interiors give the villa an ever present sense of luxury, celebrated through every detail, weaving comfort into everyday life.

Interior design palettes are combinations of a dominant neutral background contrasted with a signature color that adds a personality to each space. Neutral silk wallpaper & wood veneer cladding are complemented by statement walls with striking exotic marble features and daring brass surfaces, creating a playful relationship between textures, sheen and colors.

Although the design approach is very contemporary, it borrows some references from Islamic architecture. Mashrabiya- like screens introduce a nostalgic hint of the cultural roots.