PRF Restaurant

The design intent was to create a playful, offbeat space, fusion of traditional aspects and modern urban approach.

Furniture arrangement catered for multiple seating settings ranging from dining tables, lounges, casual bar counter, Arabic floor seating, and group table.

Theme and color palette is inspired by Emirati natural, architectural and cultural landscape.

The wall treatment created a poetic, nostalgic feel and a captivating three dimensional illusion. We were roaming around old Dubai, gathering inspirations
and patterns, sketching and eventually transforming them into a wall art taking
the guests on a walk through the streets of old Dubai.

Flooring is an abstract expression of an old Islamic pattern. It was executed through the creation of three porcelain modular tiles with inlays.

A playful statement was made by exposing ceiling pipes, inspired by traditional Emirati Sadu.

Wireframe suspended lighting fixtures emphasize the offbeat nature of the whole place complementing and interacting with the three-dimensinal illusion on the walls.